Summer and winter football camps in Olbia

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Are you looking for a football camp to allow your child to improve their football skills, self-confidence and the enjoyment of team sports?

ISS Sardinia organizes in Olbia, and throughout the Costa Smeralda, summer and winter football camps for children between 5 and 16 years of age. Our football camps last a week and always end with a big party for the kids!

The best coaches and athletic trainers to improve boys and girls’ footballing technique. Goalkeeping skills are trained as well. In short, the football campus of ISS Sardinia thinks of everything!

Football camps in Olbia for boys and girls, in summer and in winter

The ISS Sardinia football camps in Olbia began with the objective of giving students technical knowledge, helping students develop football intelligence, ensuring students are creative, teaching the culture of training, sportsmanship, and respect for the opponent.

Students will be welcomed to the training camp every morning and undergo technical and personalized training. We always stop for lunch time at one of our partner restaurants. Students will have a few hours in the afternoon to relax and rest before training in the afternoon, and will end the day with a match or tournament. After a day of football, students will return to their accommodations or to their homes.

Each workout is personalized by age group, so younger children will experience more entertainment, and older students will learn techniques and agility. Contact us for more information!

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ISS events

ISS CAMP are considered a unique football experience, funny and challenging. Football stage and entertainment. A formative experience, protected by a TEAM of professionals and guaranteed by the quality of our programs, addressed to boys and girls aged 8 to 16 years. Our CAMP aim at sporty and personal growth to be lived in a healthy, safe and exciting atmosphere.


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About us

Gianni and Piero are professionals born and grew up in football world, they have over 30 years of experience. Their conception is that football is not only a sport but a life school. ISS'Sardegna is a project that looks forward in time, based on the desire to let the boys grow by allowing them to better express their potentialities techniques and human. A school not only seen as a simple football training, but as thrust for the full training of the boys, by developing an individual learning route act to the achievement of objectives. A continuous interaction to teach discipline among boys and players for living the joy and the positive values of football.

They say about us

I knew about ISS almost by chance and I did not know its instructors personally. I can confirm my total satisfaction in having done this choice for both of my children aged 10 and 14 years. I think that the coaches are very professional, with a considerable charisma and an amazing ability to convey their passion to children and adults. I think that this weekly event has given to all the opportunity to grown up not only in football context.


My son is attending Olbia Individual Soccer School for over a year, I have to say that, I am enormously satisfied about this period of school frequentation, because I have noticed my son amazing improvements. This is due to psychological support given by school staff. He has had huge improvements, both technical and in terms of his self-esteem, due to the fact that the coaches prefer to have a constructive dialogue with their young pupils.


Qualified coaches, excellent professionals, reliability, competence and lots of enthusiasm…all these qualities are consequently transmitted to the students. All this can be summarized in football excellence!


My son has much improved both technically and in terms of character since he began private lessons. The guy has also had a marked scholastic improvement, acquiring great self esteem. I suggest to all these individual courses because they form boys to become men before footballers.


ISS Sardegna

What is ISS - Individual Soccer School

ISS is the individual technical soccer school for excellence, which has its teaching technique roots on the method "1 instructor 1 student ". It is performed a real analytical work, that goes to correct and to perfect every single movement, posture, gestures of the young player, everything through the professionality and above all the ability of the gesture demonstration by the instructor. After a careful exploration it goes to analyze the main gaps of the boy. Years of experience and training on the field, have prepared our instructors on this type of technique.

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